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Carpet and Rug Cleaning Lewisboro

Oriental, Persian and Antique area rugs add a special touch to any room that they are placed in. If you’re lucky enough to own one of these rugs, then you know how beautiful and warm a rug can make your home. Whatever style you choose to display in your home, a beautiful area rug is sure to tie it all in with the perfect touch of beauty.

These oriental, persian or antique rugs, though beautiful, can also be a hassle to try and keep clean. If you don’t keep up with the maintenance on these rugs, then they won’t last a long time. However, if you are careful and give them the attention that they need, then these stylish rugs can last for a lifetime.

Here at Carpet and Rug Cleaning Lewisboro, we are committed to giving your rugs the care that they need to last a lifetime. We never use harsh chemicals that damage the integrity of your rug, and we never throw your rug into a washing machine. Just washing your rug in a machine a few times can destroy the stitching and leave it in shambles.

That’s why we always hand wash your rugs. We want them to last a lifetime.

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Expert Carpet and Rug Cleaning

Our team has over 70 years of combined experience in the carpet and rug cleaning industry. We understand all of the do’s and don'ts in rug cleaning, and we have specialized our processes to leave your rugs in the best condition possible. You don’t have to worry about anything when turning your rugs over to us, because we will ensure that your rug is returned to you in even better condition than you left it.

Our facilities are 100% insured so you can have confidence in our services because you’re 100% covered. We also work to keep our prices as reasonable as possible so that you can reap the benefits of our hard work without the unreasonable cost to follow. We are dedicated to providing you with the best prices and the best cleaning services in Lewisboro.


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Customized Rug Cleaning, Repairs and Restoration in Lewisboro

Rugs see a lot of foot traffic and it is completely normal for you to see more than just common dirt in your rugs. A lot of times, there can be tears, stains and color fading that need work too.

Instead of just tossing out your damaged rug and replacing it, try saving some money and letting us take a look. You’ll be surprised at how easy it can be to work some restitching, reweaving and fringe work instead of giving up on your beloved pieces.

If your rug has seen a little too much wear and tear or if you trusted another company and they threw it into a machine that damaged it, let us take a look and restore the life back into your rug.

Rug repair

Residential Wall-to-Wall Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

We’re the best rug experts in Lewisboro, but that’s not all: we’re also specialized in residential wall-to-wall carpet cleaning.

If you’ve seen the magic that we can work on your rugs, just imagine taking that kind of cleaning quality into your home to work on your carpets! We will leave your carpets spotless and smelling amazing in no time. Like we always say, we will work with your budget, so contact our team in Lewisboro today.

We’ve been rated the best by our customers, and we would love for you to become another one of our happy and fully satisfied customers.

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